Nautical Residence

Nautical Retreat – a timeless and substantial log summer house designed to evoke a classic nautical ambiance, reminiscent of a coastal getaway. Crafted with massive logs, this residence exudes a sturdy and enduring charm that promises both comfort and a touch of seafaring nostalgia.

The hallmark of Nautical Retreat is its extended roof, artfully designed to create a welcoming terrace that bathes in the warmth of the sun. This expansive outdoor space becomes an essential component of the residence, providing an ideal setting for relaxation, gatherings, and the enjoyment of the natural surroundings.

Step inside, and you’ll find all the elements needed to make you feel at home within the cozy embrace of Nautical Retreat. The massive logs used in construction not only enhance the classic aesthetic but also contribute to a sense of security and durability, ensuring a retreat that stands the test of time.

Area – 48 m² 

Terrace – 12 m²

Log profile – 90 mm

Roof type – Gable roof

Wood type – Nordic Pine and Spruce (Massive logs)

Finish – Untreated (Natural)

Base dimensions  –  6570 x 10570 mm

Door dimension – 900 x 1990 mm

Suitable foundation –

  • Thermal blocks
  • Concrete slab
  • Gravel pad
  • Crawl-space
  • Wooden post foundation 
  • Paving stones

Comes in flatpacks, DIY kit included

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Our luxury glamping tents are produced in Europe and are delivered from our factory in Liepaja, Latvia. Transport costs depend on several factors. In addition to the size and where the shipment is being sent to, there may be additional costs for import duties, taxes, and other transport-related costs. We check all these details first, to provide you with a customized transport cost with your quotation.

Delivery cost examples


Aprox. €600


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World wide deliveries

Delivery time after making an order.

Once the order has been signed and returned to us and the deposit made, you can expect a delivery time of four to six weeks within Europe for our standard Barta, Triangle, and Bell-Tent models, as well as for the supply of standard interior fittings. However, for the Zeppelin, please allow for a longer manufacturing time of 12 weeks before they are dispatched. The erection of these models will be planned in consultation with the customer. On average, international orders take approximately 30 – 45 days longer to allow for sea freight. Contact us for delivery prices outside EU.

Within Europe

Production time 4-6 weeks

+ Delivery within Europe in 1-2 weeks*


Production time 4-6 weeks

+ Delivery internationally in 3-4 weeks*

*Please be aware that the delivery times depend upon several variables, including delays associated with model type, larger orders and deliveries to various countries. The approx. delivery costs are calculated for 1 tent from our factory: Barta 26 or Triangle 22. Please contact us to obtain a clear indication of your order.