Lerum 44

Indoor area: 16.61
Log profile: 44 mm
Roof type: Gable roof
Number of floors: 1
Number of rooms: 2
Type of foundation:
  • Thermal blocks
  • Concrete slab
  • Gravel pad
  • Crawl-space
  • Wooden post foundation
  • Paving stones
Type of finishing: Natural (untreated)
Color: Natural wood (untreated)
Base dimensions: 508 X 388 cm
Window type: PREMIUM, tilt & turn, 1-hand system
Room dimensions: 488 x 368
Floor included: Yes
Terrace included: Yes
Wood type: Nordic spruce, massive logs
External door type: Tempered glass door, with lock and handle
Terrace door window dimensions: 192 x 150
Ridge height: 324
Eaves height: 224
Roof area: 538 x 568
Terrace m2: 6.72
External door dimensions: 192 x 150
Internal door type: 5650
Internal door dimensions: 199 x 80
Terrace door / window type: Tilt & turn, 1-hand system
SKU: GH4426120

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