Barta 26

Glamping tent “Barta” is not just a living module, a real all-purpose in the world of glamping!

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This tent includes two mosquito net windows on each side!

Tested and Proven

Our glamping tent kit include everything you need to start a glamping venture. Just add furniture & appliances and your retreat will be ready for Guests in no time!

We also provide fully furnished tents. Installation starts from 450 euros per unit + travel and living expenses.

Durable and comfortable

Our glamping tents are made from best quality polyacrylonitrile outdoor tent fabric with good warmth retention and low resistance to light, mildew. Frame is made of solid wood and powder-coated metal to make you feel comfortable even in bad weather.

Wind & water proof

Lets in natural daylight

100% waterproof


Planning permission friendly

Our multi-functional tents have no permanent foundations and does not require building permission. Our models can be easily disassembled, placed in storage, or used again in a different location.

Simple setup


Simple disassembly

Environment Friendly


Tent size 26.8 m2 ( 6.7 x 4 m ) length x width
Height 3.1 m
Terrace (additional) 8.8m2 (4 x 2.2 m) width x length
Footprint 8.8m2
Guests 2 - 4 persons
Assembly Time 2 pers./ 4 - 6 hours


With this instructive video, a technical fact has been established that it is safe and easy to use the GLAMPHOUSE. The steps highlighted have made it easy to assemble the parts needed to create a tent that meets your aesthetic taste. It is also important to note that: The "Glamphouse" team is always open to new ideas and new arrangements on serving the customers better.


Step 1

TENT FLOOR SYSTEM - It all starts with the metal frame, which is put together in several squares, followed by levelling the metal frame of the tent with plastic feet and a laser. The metal frame is powder coated to give durability and reduce the risk of rusting and impact damage. The lower metal frame is connected with unique connectors and galvanised metric screws. This enables fast, simple and, if necessary, reassembly reusable assembly. The terrace or flooring is prepared in panels for easy, quick and convenient installation. The fact that the tents can be are installed on different surfaces gives freedom to change the level within a 10 cm range with the plastic feet. If more levelling is needed, it is possible to put wooden or concrete blocks under these plastic legs and to place the tent straight even with a 1-meter difference in level. Given that the tent and floor system does not require foundations, thanks to the 17 support points and the strength of the metal ramp frame, it is relatively easy to obtain a placement parking permit from the city council construction boards. Even in places such as nature reserves and coastal areas.

Step 2

TENT CONNECTING ELEMENTS - After the tent metal frame floor system has been assembled, the upper frame is assembled and connected with braces or connectors. The material of the upper wooden frame of the tent is Scandinavian pine, which is resistant to temperature changes and treated with oil or paint during the manufacturing process. Our product range includes more than 30 different colour shades for the treatment of wooden parts. Glamphouse Connectors/Mounting Brackets ensure very fast assembly and simplify the assembly process. The connectors/brackets and the wooden parts have the necessary screw locations planned and each part has its specific code, both on metal and wooden materials, which can be easily assembled following user instructions. If a part is accidentally lost or broken, it can also be ordered separately. Similarly, metal parts can be selected in any colour at no extra cost.

ADDITIONAL OPTION FOR TENT - We recommend choosing the second floor, which we also see here, because it gives a lot of extra space to be used for additional sleeping places and other additional options.

Step 3

TENT FABRIC - Once the tent floor is assembled and system is created, the fabric is pulled over. Although it may seem from the outside that this is the most complicated part of the whole tent building process, it is this section that takes the least time, as it can be pulled over very quickly. When the fabric is rolled over, it is stretched with battens. Each slat has its code, making assembly easier. The tent fabric is synthetic with UV protection and is also 100% waterproof, with wind resistance tested up to 20 m/s. If the wind force is greater than specified, we recommend placing sandbags and the floor frame or using an anchor system. All of our products have a 5-year warranty, including the fabric, but the lifespan is usually more than 10 years. In addition, the tent has built-in mosquito nets so that you can enjoy peaceful days and nights without worrying about various insects or mosquitoes. Our team has also selected the best and most durable zipers to be both safe and easy to open and close. Inside the tent, special fabric loops are incorporated, behind which the tent fabric is additionally attached, so that it does not flutter in gusts of wind.

Step 4

TENT DESIGN AND LAYOUT - When you enter the tent, you get a very cosy and warm feeling, which is created by the wooden details and the light permeability of the fabric.

TENT WINDOWS - Two fabric closures are incorporated into the windows, which are designed - for safety and also from rain and wind gusts. The black mosquito net has very good transparency, so it does not interfere with enjoying the surrounding natural beauty.

KITCHEN - The tent can be adjusted and furnished according to everyone's needs and wishes. Glamphouse offers ready-made kitchen equipment, which will be a great helper in preparing meals in nature, without worrying about restaurants or cafes. The kitchen is free-standing and made of light wood material, which means that you don't lose a lot of time for assembly and we know very well what kind of guests tend to be in glamping, so if the kitchen is damaged, it is possible to easily exchange it for a new one. Considering the relatively small m2, the light design of the kitchen was chosen to visually increase the space. At the beginning of the video, you saw a version of the floor system, which facilitates the connection of communications (water and sewage) by hiding them under the floor panels and frame, because the frame is usually raised by at least 10 cm. On the other hand, holes can be very easily drilled in wooden panels with a crown drill to connect the kitchen itself.

TOILET - You must be wondering what is behind the kitchen wall. This space is usually intended for the bathroom, but it can certainly be used according to the wishes of each client. We offer two types of rooms for the bathroom. In the video, we see a model of two wooden walls, which are wider and can accommodate a bathtub with a shower, a sink with a cabinet and, of course, a pot. But these things are not in the Glamphouse portfolio, because we believe that it is more profitable and easier for any customer to do it with a local construction company, The second module consists of four walls and a ceiling, so it is smaller and more intimate compact. You can view the second module on our website. On the other hand, the connection of communications proceeds in the same way as for the kitchen. Similar to the floor panels, the walls are made of Scandinavian pine and in the form of panels, which allows you to save money on the assembly bill. It was mentioned earlier that these rooms can be used in different ways. For example, if you don't want a kitchen, then you can create two closed bedrooms, all you have to do is order another front wall with a door.

SECOND FLOOR - When we go up to the second floor, we see that there is a very large space for a double bed. This means that in tent can comfortably sleep up to 6 people. The second floor can also be used as a chill sitting area, as the view of your property through these windows will surely be breathtaking. The second floor of the tent has built-in safety railings so that its use is not only convenient but also always safe for everyone.

TERRACE - Most of our tents can have a 1,5 m terrace, but you can always extend it with our unique floor system.

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Our luxury glamping tents are produced in Europe and are delivered from our factory in Liepaja, Latvia. Transport costs depend on several factors. In addition to the size and where the shipment is being sent to, there may be additional costs for import duties, taxes, and other transport-related costs. We check all these details first, to provide you with a customized transport cost with your quotation.

Delivery cost examples


Aprox. €600


Aprox. €650


Aprox. €755


Aprox. €770


Aprox. €800


Aprox. €1000


Aprox. €885

World wide deliveries

Delivery time after making an order.

Once the order has been signed and returned to us and the deposit made, you can expect a delivery time of four to six weeks within Europe for our standard Barta, Triangle, and Bell-Tent models, as well as for the supply of standard interior fittings. However, for the Zeppelin, please allow for a longer manufacturing time of 12 weeks before they are dispatched. The erection of these models will be planned in consultation with the customer. On average, international orders take approximately 30 – 45 days longer to allow for sea freight. Contact us for delivery prices outside EU.

Within Europe

Production time 4-6 weeks

+ Delivery within Europe in 1-2 weeks*


Production time 4-6 weeks

+ Delivery internationally in 3-4 weeks*

*Please be aware that the delivery times depend upon several variables, including delays associated with model type, larger orders and deliveries to various countries. The approx. delivery costs are calculated for 1 tent from our factory: Barta 26 or Triangle 22. Please contact us to obtain a clear indication of your order.


“We're so glad we chose Glamphouse tents. They're the most bookable glamping experience at our site - one of the tents even has a bathtub!”

Long-time partner & glamping campsite, Bārtas Krasts

“From all the alternatives on offer, this is one of the rare tents that feels and looks like an actual tent, without losing an ounce of comfort.”

Camping site, “Relaksa punkts”

“Thank you for the outstanding product and easy installation. The whole process – starting with placing the order and getting it set up – has been quick and seamless.”

Glamping site, “Friends Glamping”

“As a family, we wanted to spend more quality time together, so we purchased the Glamphouse tent and use it as our summer house. The team went above and beyond by adding facilities and an outdoor kitchen based on our specifications.”

Customer from UK, Dilan Fares

“We purchased and customised 10 tents from the company and completed the installation ourselves. All tents have performed admirably in the last 3 years!”

Recreational space, Starlight Hotel

We love fishing, so we bought the tent with the guys for our weekend getaways by the lake. The tent is pretty easy to set up and it has served us well for many years!”

Customers from the Czech Republic