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You don’t need to be a survivor to enjoy an extended break outdoors. All you need is the right equipment! We are here to help your glamping dream come true.

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Our History

It all started when my wonderful wife, Gundega, and I, Janis, wanted to create one of the first glamping retreats in the Baltics.

We purchased land in a beautiful location by the Barta River. As you may have noticed, our first model is named "Barta" in honor of this intriguing river and its influence over many historical events in the area.

After a tedious search for tents, we realized that the combination of quality, design and price we required was not available on the market.

I then turned to my friend, Armands, an expert in construction, woodworking and metalworking, to ask whether we could design and make tents for our project.

In less than an hour of discussion, we concluded - yes, we can!

The road was far from smooth, but after building countless prototypes and hundreds of real-life trials by campsites, we knew we had developed something exceptional.

By combining my imagination, Armands’s knowledge and us mastering every aspect of the manufacturing process, we arrived at a great product that quickly generated interest.

We started building tents in 2016 and sold the first few hundred through our partners—other camping sites and businesses. Thanks to this brilliant start, we founded Glamphouse five years later in 2021.

The coast of Barta was our testing ground.


Now, we work with businesses worldwide and have a team of 50+ employees, building the best glamping tents in Europe, combining three main materials:


Glamphouse uses S355 and S235 metal, which is cut, welded and powder-coated by our team in our hometown - Liepaja, Latvia. The metal is highly resistant to rust, salty air and moisture, ensuring many years of service.


Pinewood C24 is widely used to make the upper frame and floor panels. All cutting and pre-assembly of the frame takes place on our premises in Liepaja, Latvia. The floor panels are impregnated by high pressure, while the upper frame is painted in a machine according to the customer's specifications.


The most intricate and delicate work is done with fabrics. Our ten seamstresses accomplish this feat with incredible ease in a dedicated sewing workshop in Liepaja, Latvia. We primarily use polyacrylonitrile in all tents, which is a high-class fabric with UV protection and a double wax coating. PVC is used in the "Barta PVC" and "Bell-Tent” models.

Be sure to explore our range of tentsgarden furniture and cabins with customization options and transparent pricing. Our team is happy to discuss your glamping project requirements – simply get in touch or schedule a free consultation.

Best Sellers

Our tent kits include everything you need to start a glamping venture.
Just add furniture & appliances and your retreat will be ready for Guests in no time!

glamping tent barta


26.8 M² + floor system + second floor




glamping triangle tent


22 M² + floor system + second floor




glamping bell-tent


4 M





Glamphouse is a leading glamping tent manufacturer in The Baltic states! Our projects can be found throughout Europe. We cater for small and big projects and can partner with you to create an unforgettable glamping destination in your local area.

Our Team

Our team consists of architects, engineers, builders, managers, designers and seamstresses.
We create concepts, calculate financial models, build, open and manage our own camps.

Glamphouse Team

Jānis Lagzdiņš

Sales Manager Europe

+371 28 378 303

Rolands Bružs

Sales manager (Cabins)

+371 27 091 908

Armands Simaitis

Technical Manager
Metal & Woodwork

Baiba Kazāka

Production Manager Textile

Ģirts Cinkus

Tehnical solutions

Glamphouse Sales Agent

Sérgio Teixeira

Agent Portugal, Spain

+351 966 967 973

Nikola Nenadovic

Agent Croatia

+385 998 425 759

Yannis Kaplanidis

Agent Greece, Cyprus

+30 698 379 7125

Why us?

We produce the best glamping modules in The Baltic States
We ensure the highest quality control thanks to our own production stages.

3 Year Warranty

We guarantee 3 year warranty. Nevertheless experience shows that our tent’s textile lifespan is up to 10 year and other parts up to 25 year.

Sustainable Materials

Made from sustainable materials in the European Union. Our tent fabrics are breathable, waterproof, windproof and structure can withstand intense snow loads.

Environmentally Friendly

We offer non-permanent foundation that naturally fits into any environment. Our tents can serve as both – the main structure and as supplement to others.

Superb Quality

Our handmade tents are sturdy and built to last. We use highest quality materials and measures, so you don’t need to worry about anything breaking.

Easy to assemble

With our unique flooring system and thoughtful engineering in back setup takes takes just around a day, for some models even few hours for a complete tent.

Worldwide Shipping

With help of our logistic partners we can offer worldwide shipping for the best rates and with reasonable deliver time to your destination.