How to gain profit with public space at Glamping?

How to use Moonhouse?
Top 3 ideas for organizing a public area in glamping:

1. Venue for workshops
If you already know your target audience and what they love, then give guests the opportunity to do their favorite things:

✅Yoga and dance
✅Education and training
✅Watercolor painting
✅Pottery craftsmanship
✅Any options! Invite hosts and coaches, make a schedule and pre-register 😉

2. Cafe or farm shop
Opinions about catering in glamping raise a lot of controversial issues, but if you have clearly defined that a cafe or a farm shop is your case, then Moonhouse is your perfect option.

3. Corporate rides
Invite companies to arrange team building or other events. The free-plan Moonhouse will be an excellent assistant in this matter because it can be easily adapted to any request of company executives, which means that your glamping will be a priority in choosing places.

❓Does your glamping already have a “Moonhouse”?

Here is how one of our clients uses a Moonhouse tent: